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Water Damage Pictures

Restoring Old Damaged Photos

Old photos have seen it all. Not only have they had to endure through time, but chances are they have seen their fair share of damaging elements. Old damaged photos often have sustained damage caused by high humidity, have been in flooded basements, or simply have faded from years of exposure to sunlight. Whatever has caused the damage to your old photos, we have the ability to restore your photographs and give them new life. We have a range of tools at our disposal to bring your photographs back to their original splendor. No matter if your photograph has faded, been damaged, or if you simply have a damaged negative to hold on to, we have the ability to restore your photo. Not only will we be able to restore your existing photo, but we can recreate a new, digital copy of the photo that will last a lifetime. Often, the new digital photo has better quality than the original!


Sometimes though, we see water damaged pictures. Water can come from an unexpected flood in the basement or high humidity in the attic where photographs might be stored. We have the ability to fix water damage pictures too. Water damage can wreak havoc on photographs, and can make them brittle and prone to mold. It is always a best practice to bring water damaged photos directly to our store. The utmost delicacy and attention to detail is required when working with damaged photos to prevent further, sometimes irreparable damage. Photographs can easily become stuck together, or stuck to the glass in the picture frame. Improper handling can lead to torn pictures and further damage.

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