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Photo Restoration

Options for Picture Restoration

Whether you are searching for help with picture restoration or photo restoration, we are for you. We understand that sometimes things happen to your images that are beyond your control. Water damage, fire damage, or simply the tests of time can put pictures and photographs to the test. Chances are we will be able to help improve your photos, even photos with the worst damage. There are several options for picture restoration. Our team is able to repair photographs from damaged negatives, restore faded images from either monochrome or color originals, and even help repair pictures and photos that may be stuck to the glass in the frame they are currently in. Further, we are able to create copies of damaged photos so you can have a photograph that will last a lifetime.


As part of our photo restoration services, we will give you suggestions and tools to use to properly store your photos to make sure they don't incur further damage. First, make sure photographs are stored in a well ventilated area of the home. This area should be relatively free of moisture that can damage delicate photographs. The temperature should be below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 24 degree Celsius). High temperatures can impact the various chemicals used to create old photographs and can distort the images over time. Also, be sure to store your old photographs in a dark location. Constant exposure to both artificial and natural light can cause your photographs to fade faster than usual. We can get you set up with popper storage boxes and photograph organizers to help keep your pictures in good shape for years to come.

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