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Large Picture Frames

Picture Frames for All Sizes

Our team has the ability to create picture frames for all sizes. This includes the smallest keepsake frames, to large picture frames meant to house collages or memorabilia posters. We have several items on hand that allow us to create picture frames that suit any style, or need. Our newest items we feature are acrylic frames. These frames come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. The acrylic material allows these frames to be incredibly durable, and resistant to dents and chips. Acrylic framing is often a better choice for large picture frames, or if the frame will be shipped to the final location.


We also offer several choices of frames made from lightweight wood. These frames are the highest quality and come in a variety of stains, designs, and sizes. Lightweight wood frames have the ability to bring a traditional look to your framed piece of art, and can blend with any style at home. For simple framing projects, where you really want to highlight the photograph or picture, we offer sleek black frames. These frames add an element of simplicity that will compliment an otherwise intricate art piece.


When framing large pictures, take into consideration the overall weight of the final product. It can help to use an acrylic based glass in the frame instead of traditional glass. Acrylic glass has incredible properties, such as being glare resistant, and fingerprint resistant, while being a fraction of the weight of traditional glass. Reducing the overall weight of the final project will not only make the frame easier to hang, but will help protect the frame from accidental crashes and potential damage if your nail and wall anchor give way.

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