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Custom Frames

Creating Custom Frames

We understand that truly there is no "one size fits all" for photographs and pictures. Each picture is different, and thus requires a specialized, custom frame. At Hang Ups, in Cedar Park, TX, we have the ability to create custom frames for any piece of art, including large picture frames. We offer several framing design and style choices so that you can design a custom creation that perfectly matches with your style.


Further, to match the custom frame creation you design, our expert team can suggest the best matting to really highlight your art. We have several options to choose from and can create intricate cuts and designs within the matting to add a design element to your final piece of work. When framing a prized possession, the difference a custom frame makes is immeasurable. Simply creating the right frame, with the right mat, in the right style can showcase your photograph or picture for years to come.

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