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Quality Framing

Hang Ups Picture Framing & Photo Printing was established in 2000 with one mission: to bring high quality Picture Framing to Cedar Park and surrounding areas. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us in the beginning, and it continues to drive us today.

A Great Experience

We pride ourselves in the superior experience of shopping in our Picture Frame Shop and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. People come back to Hang Ups Frame Design because they know they’ll find what they’re looking for on our walls, and if they don’t, we’ll help them find it or create it. Stop by to see for yourself!

Our History

Hang Ups Picture Framing & Photo Printing opened on South Bell Boulevard in February 2013 after operating a store in Lakeway with the same name from 2000–09. We have framed a variety of pieces, including tapestries, vintage golf clubs, original paintings and children’s drawings.

“In 2009, because of the economy, we had to shut down like basically 50 percent of the industry. In between I had survival jobs, and I thought, I’ve been living in Cedar Park since 1998. Why not open here?” – Ursula

What we frame here has financial and emotional value. We listen to what the customer sees in the piece, and frame first for the art, then the customer’s interpretation of the art and third for home decor. If a piece of art is framed well, it doesn’t matter if it’s a contemporary piece hanging next to an 18th century silver piece. If the design itself is good, it will always be good.



For Ursula Overdiek, picture framing is about more than a print on a wall. Each piece that passes through her Cedar Park framing gallery serves as an art installation and a window into the customer’s memory.

“Mostly what I frame is collectibles, things that help people remember a moment in time. What they collect, what they found, what they bring from travels – it’s all on the wall. You don’t have to go to a big-box store and buy premade art. With framing, you can tell your own original story.” – Ursula

A native of Germany, Overdiek worked as an art and biology teacher before retraining in the business and computer science fields, which led to her working in the United States. As a computer mainframe operator, Overdiek resolved Y2K issues until 2000 and then returned to a more artistic career. She regularly attends trade shows and trains in new framing techniques.

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